♥♥♥ Albanese-Worlds Best Candy ♥♥♥

Come inside the word of Albanese Candy! Can you believe that for over 30 years Albanese Candy has been making the worlds best gummy bears? Now that sounds a bit biased to me, and without trying them you can't really say they are the worlds best. However, I HAVE tried them, and I am very particular about my gummy bears. I haven't tried anything like these gummy candies. … [Read more...]

Santa Barbara Chocolate

 I can't even begin to tell you how awesome the Santa Barbara Chocolate company is. I spoke with a man named Jason when I requested to review their chocolates for Valentine's Day. I right off the bat could tell how much he believed in their products there. He was super eager to share the products with me and my family. He took the time to even ask what my chocolate preference was because we all … [Read more...]

Do You Want To Pitch Me?!

As I have mentioned before- I've been working hard to create a list of items that one would want for Valentine's Day! This will hopefully be appropriate for everyone of all ages. I know that as a parent I get my children things for Valentine's Day just as my mother did for me. It is just something a little extra special for my children on this one day! Not because I feel obligated to, but because … [Read more...]

The Sweetest Come Back Since… Ever! ♥ Hostess Cakes ♥

There isn't much introduction needed for this review! It's the well known, and even more well loved Hostess Cakes Company!! This is actually part of my Valentine's Day Gift Guide series. I contacted them because I knew they had to have something that they put out for the Valentine holiday. As a mother of a newly school aged child, there are so many rules about what things can be brought in to eat. … [Read more...]

I.See.Me ♥ Personalized Books

Continuing on with my Valentines Day Gift Guide items is this wonderfully made personalized child book I received from I See Me! for Raeya!  It is called Who Love's You, Raeya?  by Nina Laden. I was looking for a gift I could give to my 17 mos old daughter that wasn't full of sugar, and wasn't going to collect dust like most Valentine's Day stuffed animals do. Lets be honest- a stuffed animal is … [Read more...]

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