The Best Public Libraries to Visit in the US

Public libraries are wonderful things. They’re filled with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of books, as well as other printed materials. They’re also free to visit, making them a great place for anyone to go to. If you love libraries, there are some fantastic ones to visit all over the country.

For Architecture and Art

Many public libraries are in stunning buildings. One of the best has to be the LA Central Library, where you’ll find the walls and ceilings covered in mystical symbolism. In fact, most of the books in this library have been moved to a modern annexe so you can see the architecture better.

For Research and Study

If it’s research or studying you want to do, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. is one of the best. In fact, you can’t go into the reading room unless you’re a researcher. There’s still plenty to see, though, including the architecture and regular exhibitions.

For Kids

Showing kids the magic of libraries can help to instill a lifelong love of books in them. The Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library in Little Rock, Arkansas is an excellent example. It even has a teaching kitchen, a vegetable garden and a greenhouse.

For Obscure Collections

Sometimes, you just want to see something a little more unusual. If you want to see some interesting library collections, you can find lots of fun options around the country. If you have a specialist interest, you can likely find a library collection worth exploring.

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