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I hold a special place in my heart.. and my stomach for a company that makes sweet treats that aren’t only exceptionally delicious but that are healthy as well. At Lenny & Larry’s they pride themselves on using the best, all natural ingredients when it comes to making their cookies and brownies! I tasted 3 of the 7 flavors so far offered for The Complete Cookie, and I can tell you they are hands down some of the best cookies I’ve eaten! My family and I were very eager for this package to arrive and when it did we didn’t hesitate a moment before busting into them! The Complete Cookie comes in the following flavor options!

*Chocolate Chip   *White Chocolate Macadamia

*Double Chocolate   *Peanut Butter

*Lemon Poppy  *Oatmeal Raisin

*Pumpkin Spice

And their Latest Flavor and so far my FAVORITE


These cookies are Vegan and have no animal products, as well as no dairy or preservatives. Each cookie has an amazing total of 16g of Protein, 6g fiber and 0mg of Cholesterol making these the complete package for healthy snacking! One of the best qualities of a cookie is its soft and chewiness and these certainly rank high on the satisfaction scale for me! Look how big these cookies are, they aren’t only big around they are THICK cookies!

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My family really enjoyed sharing these, you certainly don’t need the entire cookie. Serving size recommends half a cookie and that’s more than enough to cure that sweet tooth. I think if you were to eat more than that you might feel sick… like my husband did when he ate an entire Peanut Butter one lol I warned him, but what do I know!

Here’s a little message from Lenny and Larry:

We’re Good For You

People often ask us “Why are Lenny & Larry’s products so good?” If we had to point to one thing; Lenny & Larry’s snacks have always been All Natural. We feel using only All Natural ingredients separates us from everyone else. Many companies use sugar alcohols to sweeten their products and to help lower calories, carbohydrates and costs; they use chemicals to preserve their products; they use inferior proteins such as hydrolyzed collagen, which is a protein derived from the skin and bones of pigs, cows and fish. Yuck! Shouldn’t the product inside the package taste better than the package it comes in? We think so.

We release no product before its time. When we launch a new snack, we have typically spent a minimum of one year developing and testing to make sure the product is perfect. With Lenny & Larry’s snacks, you can taste the difference.


Be sure to check out their locator link to see where you can pick up some Lenny and Larry products near you! You can also feel free to purchase any of their food, or swag related items off their website! Make the healthy choice and try Complete Cookies today, and consider subscribing to their membership Club and get product sent to you monthly!

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