Things I Didn’t Notice Till Now


Since beginning my journey with reviewing products my eyes are open to a few things. While walking through stores I take the time to notice more and more of the products and brands the store has to offer. Most of the time I just grab whatever it is I need because I am use to buying it, or it’s the name brand. I’ve come to find that just because something isn’t considered name brand doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold the same high quality standards as a true name brand item. There have been several times when my family and I have tried off brand cheaper items and they have proven to better in my opinion then the name brand items.

I’ve also noticed that even though I maybe familiar with a brand or product, not everyone is. Which is one of the main reasons I started my reviewing blog. If I can open doors for companies, products brands, etc, that would be me doing a good deed. I enjoy educating people on things that they might not know of, or know much about. I don’t do this for money, at least not yet. Which brings me to my last aha moment!

As I’ve previously touched on, I am a wife and mother of two. I am currently a SAHM, and while I love it, I feel I have somehow lost myself. There will come a time when both of my children are in school and I will need to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I really have found that I have a burning passion for writing. It’s a great outlet for me when I need to gather my thoughts, and put an idea together. Perhaps going to school for writing, or PR will be in my future. Until then I will continue doing this for fun, and growing my network base.

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