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logoThis review is about to be real talk, about the realness of how sometimes using the bathroom can clear an entire house. Which in my son’s case he really can, and it’s a wonder how such a little human can produce such an awful smell. Our bathroom is literally in our kitchen, I know HORRIBLE placement on someones part. Anyways I really dread when he goes to the bathroom while I am in the kitchen cooking dinner or cleaning up. Which is why Toodaloo Potty Perfume is pretty much my new found Heaven.


It’s super easy to use, and really gets the job done! Have your Little Stinker (haha, like what I did there) spray the toilet bowl 1-2 times with the Toodaloo Potty Perfume prior to using the bathroom and going #2. Once you’re done doing your business, flush it and to my pleasant surprise NO MORE horrible smell leaking from the bathroom. You’re left with a wonderful fragrant of essential oils that fill the air.

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So what is Toodaloo made from you may wonder, though I believe it to be a little bit of magic. Its made up of just water and a proprietary blend of essential oils and odor neutralizing technology. Bio-degradable and safe for the environment, pipes, ceramics and septic tanks.


I was most excited about the travel sticks that came in my package. We all have had those moments while we’ve been out in public, or at someones house and we can’t just can’t hold it until we get home. (Don’t lie, I know we all have) This makes that awkward moment a little less awkward. Just spray it in the bowl and it’s as nothing ever happened there. I even offered to send one to my Mother In-Laws house for when my son is over there. They always joke with us about having him use the bathroom here before he arrives at their house.

The best part about it all is even my son enjoys using these. I think a little part of him as well knows just how badly he makes the bathroom smell so by him remembering to use it, and wanting to saves us all a little bit of sanity.

You can purchase Toodaloo Potty Perfume here on their website. Their 4oz bottle has Approx. 200 flushes and is sold for 5.95 the on the go spritzer is .45 with Approx. 30 flushes and sold for 3.49 This being a new product help get the word spread on it. Stop by their Facebook Page and Follow them on Twitter.

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