Treat Your Mother to Corso’s Cookies – *Discount Code*

Every Mother Needs A Sweet Treat!

There’s very few times a year that I as a Mother can indulge in the sweet things in life! Without feeling guilty that is. It’s most holiday’s, and the occasional date nights. Mother’s Day is certainly one of those days, where I feel no guilt. I want all the sweets, from chocolates, candies and cookies! What makes the experience better is when these decadence look pretty while I demolish them :).  I couldn’t begin to recommend a more beautifully decorated cookie than Corso’s Cookies!


You can read their story, but I promise you the true experience is in tasting their cookies! Their cookies are a buttery shortbread recipe that’s been perfected! I had to remind my husband that it wasn’t a sugar cookie, and that there’s a really big difference. These are exactly what you’d expect from a shortbread cookie. It’s recommended to pop them in the microwave to get a fresh-baked, out of the oven taste! I remember spending time with my own Mother trying to make the best tasting cookies! Now’s the time to return the favor this Mother’s Day!

What Ever Mother Needs To Know About Corso’s Cookies:

  • All Cookies Are Hand Decorated

Where is Corso’s Cookies Located?

Corso’s Cookies is located at 314 Lakeside Road in Syracuse, New York

But Orders Can Be Placed Online!

Do your cookies contain nuts?

This product is nut free.

How long will my cookies retain their quality and freshness?

Our cookies are individually wrapped to retain freshness and have a shelf life of approximately 90 days.

Can I freeze my cookies?

Yes you may freeze your cookies for up to six months and they will taste as good as the day we baked them when you defrost them.


A special gift for a special lady! Wow her with this delicious cookie bouquet made with our signature shortbread recipe, featuring decorated ladybug and white daisy decorated cookies. A great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because! Choose from a 6 or 9 cookie arrangement.

 6 Cookie Bouquet – $49.99
9 Cookie Bouquet – $59.99

I can see how some would feel the prices are a bit high for cookies. However you need to remember you’re getting so much more than “just a cookie”. You’re getting a beautifully decorated gift for your Mother, Sister, Friend or Co-Worker. Someone handcrafted these cookies, and that’s worth the cost! In my opinion there’s no way I could ever come close to the caliber of perfection. Take a look at the perfect cookie, to icing ratio the cookies have!

If you’re looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, or other occasions be sure to check out Corso’s Cookie selections! They’re also offering a DISCOUNT CODE, good until June 1st 2017!! At check out please use discount code THINGSINREVIEW35. You’ll receive 35% off your purchase!



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