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Where are all my snackers at? Boy do I have a treat for you! I recently quit my job that had me sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Naturally it enabled me to become more of a snacker. I tried my best to make healthy snack choices, but sometimes I just got bored. I wanted something that felt more like a treat rather than the same boring snack mixes. So I expanded my searches to online for new snacking ideas. I came across a company that I’d love to share with you all. Trixi’s Treasures creates a highly different and individualized way of snacking.

Trixi Treat Treasures

At Trixi’s Treasures you have the ability to choose from healthy, all natural ingredients to create your own snack treat bags! Most of the available treasure mix-ins are familiar snack options. With Trixi’s you can combine them to make one hearty snack mix. What’s great than that you can also choose one of their Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixture.

What is Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixture:

It is a 100% all natural powder mixture that you cook with one cup of butter or margarine.  Then, bake onto your favorite types of cereals, crackers, cookies, chips, pretzels, dried fruits, nuts, etc.  It creates a unique “sweet, salty, savory” flavor and adds a light crunchy coating to each piece.  All of our varieties of Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures are 100% all natural and contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or GMO’s, and are also gluten-free.

Trixi’s offer 5 varieties of Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures, Original, Sugar-Free, Mild, Spicy, and Wild “Ghost Pepper” Spicy (very, very HOT!!!).  All of their mixtures, require only one cup (240 ml) of butter or margarine.

You can see in the above mix there are familiar snack foods included in this mix:

Pretzels, Fruit Loops, Bugles, Chex Mix, Cheese Puff Corn, and Chocolate Toffee Candies.

My personal opinion of some of their mixes, is that they tasted better without the seasoning, or dust mixtures. Some of the tastes I don’t feel mixed well with the actual snack. I actually preferred the flavors of all the things separately. Not all of the mixes were terrible, but If i had specifically created my own mixtures I think I may have liked them better. In addition to that, I feel the treat mix-ins tasted way better on their own, and shouldn’t have been added to the mixes. Again, this is my personal preference, it has nothing to do with the actual product, or concept.

The packaging itself is very vibrant in color, and inviting to the eye. However when inspecting the ingredients list on all of the bags I noticed something rather odd. It didn’t matter what treat bag I had, the ingredients list was the same. However, not all of the mixes were the same, nor had the same snack pieces in them. Example being; I tried one of their short bread cookies and saw that their ingredients were the same as the snack mix bags.

It’s alarming, especially as a mother to question if a nutrition label is indeed correct. I don’t know if I’d purchase from them, but I do love the concept behind this business and product. If you’re adventurous, or just looking for a new snack option. Certainly check out Trix’s Treasures, after all you can make treasure out of whatever.

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In  Addition to my review- Trixi’s Treasures has graciously provided an opportunity for 5 of my fans to receive 6 bags of snacks! Please take the time to enter the giveaway below, and be sure to share!


  1. Mya Murphy says:

    Anything with chocolate!!! M&ms, Reeses pieces.. Ok, it’s an addiction lol

  2. I like anything sweet and salty.

  3. Annamarie V says:

    I love popcorn, so excited about Trixi’s treasures they have some great mixes.

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