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Action Camera

Within the last month or so my family and I have embarked on a new journey. A long with my review blog that I work on daily, we’ve decided to make a YouTube channel. Family Ties and Knots was created to showcase our unique way of living. I am married, and have two children, due to some unfortunate circumstances my best friend and her three children also live with us. Catrina’s son happens to also be my son’s best friend! As I’m sure you can imagine our life is a bit crazy right now. However we’re trying to function and keep organized the best way we can.

What it take to grow:

 We want to grow our YouTube channel by showing how our “blended” family goes about their day, and activities. We’re a crazy bunch, but we’re also a lot of fun!That of course is where our need for an action camera comes into play. I wanted something that could capture all of the action from daily chores, to soccer practices, and even our nightly bed time routines! There are a lot of Action Camera’s on the market, so choosing one could pose difficult. However I chose an Action Camera that I thought would be budget friendly, but could give us the quality we needed. On average this retails anywhere from $50 to $60. While I’m happy in some aspects of the Vivitar DVR 786 HD Action Camera, there are some that I am not thrilled about either.

Vivitar’s DVR 786HD ActionCam

“Designed with the traditional family in mind, the DVR 786HD ActionCam is one of the most versatile action cams ever made. The DVR 786HD Action Cam is waterproof and includes a bike/ATV mount, so you can film all the action! Lightweight and compact, this cam will not impact your performance or constrain your movement.”

Specs on the Action Camera DVR 786HD:

  • Full HD 1080p @ 30fps 
  • 12.1 MP photos 
  • 2.0″ Preview screen 
  • 4x Digital zoom 
  • Wireless remote control  (Mine came with a dead battery I think. I can’t get it to turn on, let alone sync with the camera)
  • Waterproof case (When the waterproof case is on the camera, it is near impossible to hear any audio on the video because the mic is covered up!)
  • Helmet and bicycle mounts included 
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery  (You can get about 1 hour of continued filming on the camera before having to charge again.)
  • Micro SD card supported

ThingsinReview’s Over All Review:

Take a brief moment to watch the video below of the Vivitar ActionCam in “action” during a storm here at my house. You’ll notice the video quality is decent, but is it really 1080p? That’s honestly my first thought, because while the picture seems mostly clear, it doesn’t have the crispness of a true 1080p picture quality. I do know that lighting, both natural, and inside lighting has a huge effect on the video quality as well. I could get past the lack of crisp quality in video if everything else was on point. Sadly, it is not.

One of my main concerns in using this particular camera as a vlogging camera is the audio quality, or lack there of. As mentioned above, if the waterproofing case is on the camera, there’s absolutely no chance of hearing the audio. Even with the camera outside of the case you really have to vocalize pretty loudly. Especially to have clear, understandable audio on this device. I am aware that this camera is made for the actioncam category, however compared against other actioncam’s they don’t stand up against the rest.

In conclusion, I personally believe that if you’re looking for an on the go, actioncam for an affordable price with decent video quailty, this could work for you. This however isn’t something I would recommend for someone looking to grow a vlogging style YouTube channel. I would however recommend this to someone looking to video tricks on their bikes, or other outdoor activities. Also the ability to play back your video on the display screen is nice. Other cameras don’t have that feature, and I find it to be helpful.

I will continue my hunt for the perfect vlogging camera. If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comment section below!






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