What To Wear For Your Photo Opportunity

Wearing something that makes you look good in a photograph can be a hard decision. You don’t know if all your curves in the mirror are going to come across in the same way when you’re being captured on camera, and the camera always likes adding ten pounds to you. However, there’s some tricks you can pull to make sure your outfit is looking great whenever you get in front of the shutter.

Don’t worry, it isn’t only your grandma who can dress up with pearls and neat sweater to look best in any photos. You can too, as long as you’re rocking the style you’re in and feel confident with the end result! So with that in mind, here’s the best outfits you can indulge in based on your personal tastes that always look good when they’re photographed.

Looking this happy in your photos is easy when you wear the clothes and not the other way round! (Image)

The Colors to Wear

Colors are everything when you’ve got a background and a light source to offset and highlight you! And because of that, wearing something that’s a block color, no matter the shade you’re going for, is going to be best. Something bright and comforting if you’re in a darker spot, or something that can fade in and out with the light if you’re using the natural source outside of your window.

Everyone likes color, whether you’re someone who rocks all black and occasionally dabbles in monochrome or you’re the most pastel person alive. So if there’s a photo opportunity coming up and you know about, try to match your top and bottom together.

Make Sure You Wear Something Eye Catching

If you’re eye catching, you’re doing something incredibly right, and it’s a lot simpler than you think to have someone take notice of you. Even if not every style out there is eye catching, if you’re dressing outside of your comfort zone, you’re going to capture attention! So you need to have on something people rarely see, something you don’t see yourself when you’re out and about, as when you’re unique, you’re going to be able to work every photo someone takes of you.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t go in for an entirely floral suit or diamonds all over a bodysuit, you can easily use your more punk rock or hipster nature to your advantage here. You can check out this website if you want to find out more about wearing clothes that will look as retro as possible, yet shiny as the day they were made in all the photos you take whilst rocking them.

Your photo opportunity can come around any corner when you’ve always got your style choices in mind. Of course it’s always your aim to look good when you’re out and about, but looking photo finish ready is hard when you’ve not prepared yourself for it. Match your clothes together and dress outside of the box for leaving best impressions!

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