What You Can Do To Encourage Your Children To Have Good Dental Hygiene


What is it about children, the toothbrush and a fear of looking after their teeth? I think at some stage all children have this need to not brush their teeth and clean them. As adults now, we can look back and wonder why we did that. Clean teeth are actually a good thing, why would we have not wanted to do it? Sometimes I think it can feel like a chore to children. Good dental hygiene is just another thing they are told they have to do. However, it can be much easier to encourage your children, and even the whole family to take better care of their teeth. I thought I would share with you some of the tips and tricks you could try.

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Making them aware of the importance

Talking to your children about dental care is important from an early age, and children learn by example and what you do. Making them aware of the dangers that not brushing their teeth could mean for their dental hygiene is important. It helps them to understand the importance of avoiding getting things like teeth decay and having issues with their teeth in the future.

Regular check ups with the dentist

Never instil fear into your children in terms of visits to the dentist. Instead try to make it a fun experience. Research potential dentists and look to ensure you find a place that can cater for young children so that they make it a pleasant experience. Dentists that specialize in kids and family dentistry will help make the experience much easier, and instead of fearing it, your children will learn to enjoy their regular check ups.

Letting children choose their own brush

It may sound simple, but sometimes children can deter from doing something for the littlest and pettiest of reasons, and a choice of toothbrush much actually be it. Letting them choose their own brush could encourage them to want to use it when the time comes. It might be that they have a special character on their, or it is their favorite color. But psychologically they have chosen it, and made a decision to commit, so it could make teeth brushing times easier, especially with younger children.

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Teach them technique

Children learn from the examples you set and what you do, so it is important for you to show them and lead by example. Teaching them the right technique is key for them developing the right way to brush their own teeth in the future. It may be as simple as doing it together, where they copy your actions and how you do things. Seeing you do something may encourage them to do it themselves, again this tends to work with younger children, so starting off young is key to encouraging good dental hygiene as they get older.

Encouraging them to learn themselves

Just as you want them to copy you and learn different techniques, you also want to encourage them to develop their own style and technique of brushing their teeth. If you think about, there is a general consensus of what needs a to be done when you brush your teeth, but I don’t think we all do it in exactly the same way. Let them develop their own style, as long as you can be sure they are brushing them thoroughly, it will help them to develop their own habits.

Using smart phone applications as a form of distraction

A smartphone application is an excellent way of being a distraction and they work especially well to ensure that children brush their teeth for the recommended time necessary. You can download specific teeth brushing applications which have videos that are for the right amount of time. Some can even use specific characters that will entice your child to watch, so they are definitely worth looking into.

Avoiding a sugary diet

Finally, you might want to think about avoiding a sugary diet, or if your child doesn’t eat something specifically sugary that you encourage them to brush their teeth straight after. Sugar will rot a child’s teeth, and cause other issues like tooth decay. It is a well-known fact that studies have shown that if a child can get to the age of nine without any tooth decay then they are less likely to need fillings and other dental work in the future. Sugary foods can cause this to happen, so being mindful what they eat is essential.

I hope that these tips help you to encourage your child to have good dental hygiene.

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