Who’s Ready For A New Way Of Closing Bags? FreshTape Is The Answer!


Before I discovered FreshTape I was among the many people who use those pesky chip clips to close everything. I used them to reseal all of my children’s snacks that I didn’t want to go stale along with things like salad bags, or potato chips. Half the time the chip clip didn’t even stay on the package, I would find it had popped off or I had lost them. Keeping those clips handy was always a pain, I can never find one when I needed it.

Well did you know the FreshTape company did a study and testing on your everyday chip clip to test for bacteria? Here is the report – Copy so you can see the results for yourself. It’s shocking I know, it’s totally changed my views on what I am using to reseal and keep my food fresh. I don’t want my kids to be exposed to anymore bacteria then they already are.


FreshTape is simple and easy to use. You peel the sticker like seal off the paper and put it on your package you’d like sealed. They work great on everything from potato chips, to bags of cereal, and even bags of lettuce and frozen veggies. Yes, the FreshTape stays on the packages even when put into the freezer. I tried these on a bag of frozen veggies I had, and when i try to seal them up with regular tape the tape always peels back, and I’m left with freezer burned veggies. Gross! FreshTape eliminates that, and the growing amount of wasted food.


FreshTape comes in a huge variety of patterns to help put personality to your cupboards. I know my son is more inclined to grab a FreshTape strip to close his snack packages then taking the time to look for a chip clip. They make organizing fun and exciting for the little ones, and stress free and convenient on the adults. In my eyes this product is a Win-Win 🙂

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FreshTape is 100% made in the USA, FDA compliant, and BPA and phthalate free. When you are done with a bag – just stick it on the next one! Reuse on two or three bags, and then recycle it. FreshTape comes in a package of 18 at a time, and retail for about 9.99. They can be bought via their website, or check out their locator to find if they are available near you.

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