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I decided each week while grocery shopping that I would pick one new brand, item, or product I’ve never tried before and write my reviews on them. This week i was focused on snacks as I will be traveling next week for the holiday. I wanted something semi healthy for my son to eat in the car. I came across these Wild Oats Originals Cookies. 20141120_135415 Seriously, who doesn’t like cookies?

After seeing they had a wide variety of flavors i went with the basic chocolate chip cookie. You can’t really go wrong with chocolate chip right. I am not a huge fan of hard cookies, and I went into this knowing they were going to be a crunchy cookie. I didn’t have to be the one to eat them, so i didn’t really give that too much of a weigh in option on if I was going to buy them or not. My husband and son pretty much eat anything if I tell them its a cookie. I liked that these are organic. No crap, or additives added to them. That’s really what had me sold. I am slowly bringing mine and my families diet more to the organic side anyways. Here is a picture of their nutritional specs.

20141120_135441The sugar is not outrageously high for a cookie, which is good because my son doesn’t need a ton of added sugar. They also use cane sugar vs regular granulated sugar. Lets me honest it is still a cookie, we can’t have it be a no fat cookie, or sugar. Chances are if that was the case it would still be on the shelf.

At last i arrived home, and it was time to try these cookies out. I can’t write about them if i don’t try them. The box comes with 6 packages. Each package i would assume has an average of 8 cookies in them. Great in size for my children’s small hands. My husband said just better to eat them all up.

20141120_135505 20141120_135554

If my husbands response was not a good enough response to the quality of this cookie, let me clarify. These cookies are amazing, and will be put on my weekly shopping list. My son tried them also when he arrived home from school and I got a “Mom these are really good” in between a mouth full of cookies, and crumbs flying everywhere.

I would suggest having these with milk as they are a little dry, but that’s to be expected with a crunchy cookie. Some people don’t eat cookies any other way then with milk. The ratio of chocolate to cookie was perfect. My sweet tooth was really satisfied as well. They were closer to the 3.00 mark, but that is always to be expected for an organic product. If you want great quality you more then likely have to pay a little more. I find the price to be just right for this product. As stated before, I will definitely be buying these again.

I found these at Walmart, but I am sure Amazon sells them as well. Enjoy!

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